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ON TREND - How to Make a Fashion Statement with Why Knot Ties

My partner is a stylish man, we are polar opposites when it comes to fashion, my dress sense is between casual and block colours with a loose correlation to Beatnik style. which is more or less black, black and more black. I like to rotate my clothes and dress myself without thinking. He sits on the opposite spectrum - bold colours, statement patterns and designs.

He likes to look dapper with a twist... you know, the vintage 60s style with a splash of hip hop and a lot of colours. Sometimes it's difficult to coordinate what to wear and you just want a small, simple yet bold statement.

And the solution? A signature bow tie.


This is the ultimate retro look, we all know that what's old becomes new in a matter of time when it comes to fashion. Despite the race towards 2020, 90s is back! Here my partner paired this adorable bow tie with a lighter blue shirt and white buttons. Why Knot bow ties are made from polyester with high q…

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