Saturday, December 3, 2016

Korean Skincare Routine For Beginners (Steps 1-4)

I wasn't sure what to expect when I was first approached by Michelle from Lilac and Berries. I've tried a range of Japanese skincare, but the entire Korean skincare routine was new to me.

After attending Bobbi Brown's Masterclass, I am now willing to spend time on my skincare to ensure my skin is at the best state possible. The better my skin looks, the less foundation I need and the better my foundation looks on my skin.

I had the utmost pleasure of trialing a carefully curated range of Korean Skincare (curated by Michelle from Lilac and Berries) tailored for my skin. My skin is temperamental, it ranges from combination to dry. However, for the past few weeks, I have been testing the "Combination" range. The result has been phenomenal. If you have been following my blog for a while you would've seen my skin at it's worst (see my Thin Lizzy post).

My skin has cleared up a LOT (just see the video), a lot of the credit goes to double cleansing and the other goes to proper moisturisation. The entire 10 step Korean Skincare Routine is overwhelming, so let's break it down and go through the first 4 steps!


The first step of the Korean skincare routine is removing your makeup - this should be in your routine regardless! For this step, I am using Heimish All Clean Balm, this balm transfers from solid to oil upon contact with you skin. This oil based cleanser will dissolve all traces of makeup on your face whilst leaving your skin feeling fully moisturised.

This is hands down the BEST makeup removing balm I have ever use. Unlike the other cleansing balms, you will be able to wash everything off under lukewarm water you won't need a cotton cloth. If you have used cleansing balms you will know how difficult they are to remove!

I packed this product onto the cruise with me because I was terrified that I'd break out from not cleaning my face properly. It's gentle and removes everything - no more clogged pores yay! I have read many positive reviews on this product and let me tell you, it's worth the hype.

Heimish All Clean Balm (120ml) is available for purchase from Lilac and Berries for $30AUD.


If you are not double cleansing then you need to get onto it.

My breakout rate dropped ever since I started to double cleanse. Prior to double cleansing, I use to expect my cleanser to remove my foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, highlighter AND properly clean my pores. So it makes sense that my pores cannot be properly cleaned with make-up in the way!

For this step I used Neogen Real Fresh Foam Cleanser (Cereal), a unique cleanser that contains rice seeds and rice seeds extract, formulated to brighten and hydrate skin. This water-based foam cleanser is extremely creamy, a full pump is more than enough for your entire face.

A very hydrating and gentle cleanser that is perfect for those with combination or dry skin.

Neogen Real Fresh Foam Cleanser (Cereal) is available for purchase via Lilac and Berries for $29.


Exfoliation is certainly not recommended for daily use. As most of us are aware, exfoliation will remove dead skin cells, clean out your pores and unveiling brighter skin.

For this step, I used Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling (Green Tea),  I like to call this an "inbetween" exfoliant because it harness the uses of both manual and chemical exfoliants. Each pot contains 30 single-use pads, the pads contain lactic acid which penetrates the skin to clean your pores.  I like to use the gauze side to exfoliate all the dead skin and impurities, while using the smoother side to pick up all the dead skin cells.

Following use, I would wash my face with lukewarm water. My skin feels squeaky skin after this step, this is perfect for people with dehydrated skin and recommended to avoid manual exfoliators - simply wipe your skin with the smoother side of the pad, leave for 5-10 minutes, wipe again and rinse.

Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling (Green Tea) is available for purchase from Lilac and Berries for $36


The fourth step is as important as the first 3 steps, toners are used to prepare the skin so that serums and creams are better absorbed. For this step I used Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner. This toner contains soothing properties such as Aloe, Salicylic Acid for troubled skin and snail mucin to help natural cell regeneration.

The viscosity of this toner is slightly higher than your conventional toners - following use, my skin felt soft and moisturised. You can pump this directly onto your palm or apply with a cotton pad.

Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner is available for purchase from Lilac and Berries for $25

Although this is not a part of the steps, I had to include this product in this post.

I kid you not, I have been telling every third person I have met about this product. I get dark circles and very puffy under eyes, so I use under eye patches to assist with de-puff quite regularly. I was previously using a different brand, they were selling 6 sets of patches (that's 12 individual patches) for $32.

I am SO HAPPY that Michelle from Lilac and Berries had sent me this little miracle, a whooping 60 individual patches, that's 30 sets for only $28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And the result you asked? It works exactly the same as my expensive patches.

I will never ever want to pay more than $28 for my eye patches!

Petitfee Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch is available for purchase from Lilac and Berries for $28



For free shipping, enter "lilynotlouise" on orders $55 or more to receive free shipping within Australia!

Pssssst - A huge amount of products are currently on sale on Liliac and Berries!

If you would like to start your Korean Skincare routine or just want to add a few Korean skincare products into your collection, Liliac and Berries is the place to start for top notch affordable products. I was shockingly surprised by how well the products worked on my skin. Despite this being a sponsored post, I will 110% be purchasing from Lilac and Berries.
*This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Erno Laszlo Cocktail Party @ Muse Gallery, Sydney

Welcome to the age of double cleansing!

We are now more aware of the damage residual makeup and overall environmental grime/pollution can do to our skin. Ever since I started to double cleanse, I never looked back.

Let me introduce Erno Laszlo, the leader in celebrity skincare since the 20's! Dr Erno Laszlo created a bespoke collection of cleansing bars and oils to suit your skin's needs. When applied and blended together, the bar and oil will combine into a rich cleansing mask allowing the active ingredients to seep deep into your skin and ridding all the nasties you don't want in your pores!

In this post, we will go through the different selections of cleansing bars and oil sets (they are colour coded and easy to differentiate!), you ought to find something for yourself!

A set designed to deeply moisturise, soften and smooth with natural oils, best for those with dry and dehydrated skin.

Key Ingredients:
  • Antioxidant-rich rose extract
  • Sunflower oil
  • Macadamia oil

A set designed to control oil and heal the skin, the aim is to reduce pimples and balance your complexion. Best for those with blemished skin or skin that's prone to breakouts.

Key Ingredients:
  • Palm oil
  • Safflower Seed Oil
  • Algae Extract

A set designed to calm inflammations, soothe and strengthen the skin. Best for sensitive skin with red

undertones, tightness or irritations.

Key Ingredients

  • Chamomile
  • Coconut
  • Antioxidant-Rich Green Tea

A set designed to clarify using active charcoal to draw out toxins without stripping moisture from the skin. Best for skin concerns with large and clogged pores, dull and flaky skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Charcoal
  • Dead Sea Mud
  • Grapeseed Oil
A set to fight off discolouration for an instant glow! Best for those with skin discolorations and uneven complexions.

Key Ingredients
  • Lemon Peel Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Vitamin C
A fabulous set of cushioning cleansers to revive skin's building blocks. Best for skins that's concerned with a loss of firmness and looking to boost elasticity.

Key Ingredients
  • Spirulina Maxima
  • Shea Butter
  • Jojoba Oil

Erno Laszlo is currently available for purchase from Sephora (the sets are available online only for a ridiculously affordable price of $28 per set), each set comes in a travel friendly hard case. It is the best on the go double cleansing combo you can find out there!

Let's wrap up the post with some delicious nibbles at the event, I may have ate one too many macarons and figs!!

*Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of Erno Laszlo

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Antipodes Breakfast @ Haven, Surry Hills

Antipodes is a re-occurring brand on my blog, I can't speak highly enough of their products and brand ethics. I was lucky to have recently attended a magnificent intimate breakfast with Antipodes at Haven, Surry Hills. We met with the Digital and Social expert for Antipodes, Katrina McClelland to learn all about Antipode's journey to expand their footprints internationally.

Antipodes uses 100% natural ingredients with at least 70-95% certified organic ingredients, they are also 100% AGAINST animal testing. As most of us may know, in order for brands to sell in China, animal testing is a prerequisite. You may or may not know this, but Antipodes maintained their brand integrity and philosophy whilst successfully tapping into the Chinese market. Antipodes run a Chinese website for Chinese consumers to shop online. As we are now knees deep in a digital age, there is a never-ending demand for one click online shopping, this strategy is more than fitting.

China's appetite for commodities and personal care products is phenomenal, we saw how the pawpaw ointments literally flew off our shelves as consumers used "daigou" (Australian shoppers purchasing on behalf of Chinese consumers) to purchase popular and luxury items. There is a hunger and growth for natural and organic products in the beauty industry, and Antipodes, I dare say is in the forefront. I am super proud that Antipodes, against all odds were able to invite Chinese consumers to experience their gorgeous products without having to test on animals.

Antipodes' initiative proves that there is always a way!

As always, let's wrap up this post with some food photos. I have been to Haven twice and never tried their infamous waffles! This time I had to and didn't regret it :)

I cannot wait for 2017, Antipodes as a brand has so much more to offer and share with us. There will be some exciting launches from Antipodes in the new year, so stay tuned!

*Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of Antipodes.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

MOTD: Maybelline The Bachelorette Fabulous Fifth Avenue Look on Hooded Eyes

Even though The Bachelorette is over and the lovely Georgia Love found the man she want to be with, her iconic Fabulous Fifth Avenue Look is something I was able to take away from the show. I recreated the look drawing inspiration from Maybelline's Fabulous Fifth Avenue look and turned it into a soft smokey glam look for hooded eyes.

I personally feel that this is a gorgeously sophisticated look that is perfect for parties or if you just want to feel and look confident. If you are curious, you can scroll right down to the bottom of this post to check out my video tutorial/Get ready with me! I went out to a restaurant event with my Fabulous Fifth Avenue look and layered more makeup on for my Cracked Doll Halloween look (watch till the end of the video!)

I tried using as much Maybelline products as possible for this tutorial to stay true to the original creation. Here's a breakdown of all the products used:

BASE: Shiseido's Perfect Refining Foundation, it's a high coverage, silky smooth foundation fitting for this look.

EYESHADOW: A combination of colours from Maybelline The Nudes Palette in The Nudes* (see video for colours used).

EYELINER: Genie Beauty Superglide Gel Eyeliner*

MASCARA: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - Waterproof*

BROWS: Maybelline Brow Stain in Dark Brown*

CHEEKS: Rimmel Kate Sculpting Palette*

HIGHLIGHT and CONTOUR: Maybelline The Nudes Palette*

LIPS: Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid* in (in love with this product)

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*These products were provided for my consideration.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Priceline Launches Smile Makers @ The Ivy Penthouse

I had the pleasure of attending Priceline's Smile Makers launch a few weeks ago. If you have read my Hero Condom post you'd have a fair idea of my view on gender. During the event I came to realise that I can comfortably talk to my friends about sex, but we never talk about masturbation. A lot of people assume that couples in a relationship have sex and does not need to masturbate. Let's not forget that 80% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm during vaginal intercourse. 

You know when you watch movies, the sex scene is always portrayed as an epic moment where the actors climax at the same time ... fireworks, rainbows, butterflies and unicorns. It's frustrating as it is when this magical event doesn't often happen in real life, and equally frustrating when you didn't get over the line and your partner did. If you are able to orgasm without any additional assistance in the bedroom, you go glen coco! However, for those who need that extra something, Priceline has the perfect tool in store for you.... Smile Makers.

Our sexual wellbeing is as important as men's and there is no reason to be ashamed of. I did a presentation on Erectile Dysfunction for one of my university projects and as a part of my research I went into several adult stores in Sydney CBD. I was 20 years old and believe me it was a very uncomfortable experience. The amount of stares and glares I received when entering and exiting the stores, to the awkward fetish DVDs in plain sight with John Doe looking very suspicious with his big coat in the corner of the store. I don't blame women for not wanting to go to adult shops!

I am so happy that we are now able to purchase vibrators/massagers from a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment, our favourite one stop shop for all your beauty/wellbeing needs, Priceline. There are 5 massagers available for sale plus lubricant.

Little light liquid ($19.99) is a water based lubricant containing only pharma grade ingredients, it is also paraben and fragrance free! Perfect!

The Tennis Coach ($49.99) is an ergonomic and gentle G-Spot vibrator. The massager is made from silicone (SUPER SOFT) and quiet as a mouse.

The Surfer ($24.99) a compact sized, super quiet yet powerful bullet vibrator for external use.

The Frenchman ($49.99) is a foreplay item that is recommended for women who enjoys oral stimulation. Again, ridiculously soft, gentle and smooth.

The Fireman ($49.99) had me stunned, when I first saw this I thought, ouch! But this vibrator is designed to stimulate the clitoris and labial area. For external use only.

The Millionaire ($49.99) is a classic vibrator designed for internal use, it can also be used externally for the clitoris.

As always, some food photos below, we were treated to delicious finger foods and smiley macrons, delicious! A massive thanks to Priceline and Smile Makers for having me at this memorable event!

*Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of Smile Makers and Priceline.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Empties: August - October 2016

So many months have passed but I only ended up finishing a handful of products :( sigh.

I'll try harder next month haha!

Dermal Heel Balm* - This stuff did work and my cracked heels were repaired within a few days of application. FYI - there is Urea in the formula.

Spot Medic* - This was effective on pimples with runny pus, however, it's not as effective as my 3M patches, this is easily accessible in Australia.

I-Colour Liquid Liner -  A liner I purchased from Hong Kong many years ago, it's ran out of juice and served well. It's not a brand that is available in Australia I don't believe and probably won't go out of my way to find it.

Maybelline Pure Concealer - This concealer contains salicylic acid and claims to conceal/treat pimples. I've had this for a long time, it was fairly effective in treating pimples when I first got it, but that effect quickly died.. it wasn't the best concealer either.

Dermaveen Soap Free Wash* - My go to wash (alongside QV), it's great for sensitive skin and can be used around genitals. I will definitely be repurchasing!

SkinB5 Acne Control Cleansing Mousse* -  A good cleanser that did not dry out my skin, I was using it as my double cleansing routine. It had a nice citrus scent. I have a lot of cleansers to get through so I probably won't be re-purchasing this in a hurry.

Lux Aromatherapy - This wasn't my favourite body wash, It did lather well, however the texture is "slippery" and I'd often drop the content on the shower floor. Won't be repurchasing and will be sticking to my Dermaveen/QV products.

Lonvitalite Whitening Mask - I've always love Lonvitalite sheet masks, it's great for travel. My skin did feel brighter following use. I still have a couple left, but I'm also keen to try some other brands.

Caolion Hot and Cool Pore Foam Cleanser Duo* - This is such an interesting product and it did a fantastic job at cleaning my pore and reducing the size... almost instantly. But my enlarged pores did return a day or two following use. I have a full size version of this and will definitely be testing it out long term.

Schwarzkopf Instant Volume Power*- I really disliked this product, it was messy and made my hands feel tacky. The product didn't really do a lot for my hair in terms of styling and holding. I'd rather use hairspray or styling gel/mousse/cream.. literally anything else but this.

Eucerin -  This is a german product, I'm not even sure what it does... I've been using it for my fine lines and it did a pretty good job.

Thin Lizzy Eyeliner Pencil* - While this eyeliner is long lasting, I decided to let it go because it does crease and I have found better alternatives. Life is too short to use products you're not 100% satisfied with right?

*These products were provided for my consideration

Friday, November 18, 2016

Bobbi Brown Masterclass with Amy Conway @ Myer Sydney

I don't often take my camera to events, mainly because I am clumsy and likely to break it, drop it or lose it. However, after my holiday, I felt relaxed and strangely more confident in handling technology/devices. I decided to pack my camera to Bobbi Brown Masterclass with Amy Conway.

The Masterclass took place in Myer Sydney, a beautiful set up with almonds and dark chocolate - Yes I ate most of it on my side of the table. We had the pleasure of meeting beautiful Amy who taught us tips and tricks on makeup application using Bobbi Brown products. Our products were carefully selected by Bobbi Brown Makeup Artists who provided us with one on one assistance in applications throughout the entire masterclass.

I was having the best time and decided to take my camera out for some happy snaps, after I pressed the "ON" button repeatedly I realised I didn't put the battery pack in.


Despite my down moment, I thoroughly enjoyed the masterclass.

I love my pre-makeup skincare, the hero product that made my face feel amazing was Bobbi Brown's Extra Repair Nourishing Milk, light weight in formula, but perfect for my dry skin!! Bobbi's Hydrating Face Cream is also a product that is worth a mention and recommended for those with dry skin.

On weekdays, I tend to slack off on my morning skincare routine and would often find foundation clinging onto dry patches. My Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist, Amanda told me when my face is prepped properly with skincare, I will require less foundation and will not see any signs of dryness on my face throughout the day.

Even though my face is dry, I love powder, I already use Bobbi Brown's Sheer Pressed Powder on a daily basis so I wanted to try something different and selected the Nude Finish Illuminating powder. I fell in love instantly with the gorgeous mosaic patterns and the fact that the powder gave my face a hint of luminosity. Amanda applied makeup to half of my face and allowed me to get my hands dirty as I applied the products to the other half of my face.

Below is a photo of Amy and the fabulous Bobbi Brown makeup artists who shared their expertise with us at the Masterclass. Photo from Alphie's Instagram account (Bobbi Brown Head Makeup Artist) @BBPRO_ALPHIE

Photo Credit: @bbpro_Alphie

As soon as I got home, I took my camera out for a selfie, the photo below is not edited or filtered (it did take a few goes - you know how it's like with selfies... it's hard to find the perfect angle!) in order to accurately present the makeup that was applied on my face.

My Bobbi Brown Artist, Amanda was absolutely right, I did not see any signs of dryness on my face like I usually would. I subconsciously gravitate towards natural makeup looks, Alphie provided his magic touch and smoked my eye makeup out a smidge and I absolutely love it. With my hooded eyes, it's often difficult to see the eyeshadow so a smoked look is in my opinion, probably the best option. I think the look suits my cornrow braids (in case you are wondering what that's about, I went on a South Pacific cruise and had it braided in Vanuatu).

Many thanks to the Team at Bobbi Brown for inviting me to this brilliant experience!

*Lily not Louise attended this Masterclass as a guest of Bobbi Brown.